September: Week 2

Hey NewHope Families,

Thanks for joining us in NH Kids today! Today your child learned about trusting God for the impossible. Your preschooler heard the story of Gideon who took on a big Army with just a few people, but with God’s help, they won the battle (Judges 6:2-4, 11-12). Elementary life groups learned about Abraham and how he had to wait for God to answer his impossible promise for a child. Check it out in the Bible in Genesis 26:1-22; 26-31. One of the most impossible miracles that God has performed was making us a way for us to be a part of His family through the death and resurrection of His son, Jesus.

What are your child’s thoughts on what Jesus did on the cross? Take a moment to ask your child what they think of this story. Tell them how this story has impacted your life personally and has the power to impact their life as well. The gospel knows no age limits! 

Click here for more family resources from today and a guide on how to talk to your child about Salvation!

Posted on September 11, 2022