August: Week 4

Happy Sunday families!

As we wrap up this month we are so thankful that we get to teach your children and show them how special they are to God. Preschoolers learned that people are so important to God that He even knows the numbers of hairs on their heads! It would be so hard to count all the hair on our heads and not forget or mess up! Check out God's word in Luke 12 chapter 7. God cares about and loves us so much and that should make us feel pretty special!

Elementary life groups ended the Epic Story series with the story of God choosing Abram and telling him about the plan to save the world. In Genesis 12:1-9 and 15:1-6, God shares His plan with Abram to show how much He loves the world. The plan wouldn't be easy, but God found so much worth in it and gave up His only Son, Jesus to show us that we could be best friends with Him! Ask this during family time this week: When have you made a plan? What did it look like? Was it easy to do or hard?

NH Kids leaders and staff are praying for your family as a new school year begins this week. We are praying for our families that the school year begins strong and healthy, Godly rhythms continue to be woven in and out of your schedules! Cheering you on!

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Posted on August 28, 2022