Digital Communications Coordinator

Position Summary:

The Digital Communications Coordinator is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities digital communications through a variety of delivery channels. They will help ensure brand and image are aligned and communications meet high standards of excellence.

Position Objective:

As the Digital Communications Coordinator, you will first and foremost be a spiritual leader above reproach (I Timothy 3). You will pursue Godliness, humility, and integrity since nothing gets in the way of faithful ministry within a church more than a leader compromising any of these values.

Position Responsibilities:

The position requires a commitment to the calling of NewHope Church to help accomplish its Mission: Reach people with the hope of Jesus, Teach them to follow God's word and Release world changers. The position also requires:

  • Game Day Sunday
    • Participate in planning meetings with the Marketing Team, Ministry Leaders, and Sunday leadership teams to stay up to date on the Sunday morning calendar.
    • Display an active and lively church through the use of stories, posts and ads via various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google etc.)
    • Partner with Sunday morning ministries and use social media to actively showcase what they offer to all our attendees.
    • Take photographs and video of the Sunday morning service, volunteers, guests, and more for use in later social media posts, advertising opportunities, website update and more.
  • Weekday Discipleship
    • Participate in planning meeting with the Marketing Team and Ministry Leaders to adequately promote upcoming ministry events like Life Group/Discipleship semester classes/meetings, Worship Nights, Event registrations, etc.
    • Balance Social Media church/event promotion with stories of hope, life change and celebration.
  • Teams
    • Lead the volunteer photography team in gathering photos from Sunday services and other events.
  • Day-To-Day
    • Ensure the ministry wide brand and image is carried through all communication delivery channels and bring consistency to the marketplace.
    • Develop and maintain a well-planned social media calendar.
    • Develop and maintain digital and print advertising opportunities.
    • Assist the Marketing Team with various weekly tasks such as researching ideas, ordering print materials, copywriting for large print projects, weekly newsletter e-mails, website updates, and other items needed from time to time by the ministry.


  • Strong ability to communicate and cast the vision of NewHope Church in oral and written form.
  • Strong capability to migrate vision into actionable tactics and accomplish monthly goals.
  • Strong understanding of digital advertising and social media strategy.
  • Ability to utilize Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, and Premier preferred.)
  • Ability to build and maintain cross-department relationships.
  • Prior experience in a similar role.
  • Google Ad Certified preferred, but not required.
  • Build and maintain strong cross organization relationships.
  • Encourage, promote and lead spiritual wellness and growth for all staff and ministry participants.